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Kate's Picks: Baba Yaga is My Copilot!

Check out Kate's fabulous finds that you can enjoy, too!

This week's pick: Baba Yaga is My Copilot!

We have a Zazzle store, and every penny we earn from it goes to FTM. I’m proud of our wide array for merchandise, and I’m especially proud to be showing off a favorite new T-shirt today!

Our “Baba Yaga Is My CoPilot” T-shirt is a collaboration between me and Amanda Bergloff, or Art Director and Managing Editor. I came up with the words and Amanda did the art, and I think the results are great.

The T-shirt is fully customizable for all sizes, ages and genders, so don’t let the picture here fool you. There are tons of choices.

I buy giant long-sleeved men’s T’s on Zazzle and wear them year-round in the house. I’ll be wearing my purchase of this T at our Zoom meeting for Fairy Godparents Club members. It’s at 7 p.m., EST tonight. That’s when we’ll have our night of celebration for all of the achievements of our members—whatever it is you’d like to share, share it! And I’ll be proudly sharing the Baba Yaga T. I’ll also be giving one short-sleeved T away! (If you aren’t a member of the Fairy Godparents Club yet, it’s not too late—you can even join today. Find out how to join here.)

If you don’t like this T-shirt (but how could you not?), we’ve got tons of other cool merchandise at our store, so check it out!

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