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Past Issues

Check out the latest issues of The Fairy Tale Magazine

packed with all new fairy tales, art, interviews,

and bonus fairy tales from around the world!

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The Fairy Tale Magazine

June 2023 Issue

"Song of the Sea"

Buy this single issue for $5.99 HERE

with original fairy tale stories, poems, art, articles, and an interview with author Maria Tatar!


Jessie Atkin, Amanda Bergloff, Sara Cleto, Peyton Dupree, Henry Herz, Paul Himmelein, Ellen Huang, Kelly Jarvis, Brittani Jenee' Cal, Amanda Kespohl, Annika Barranti Klein, Madison McSweeney, Marisa Montany, Esther Ra, J.S. Rogers, Marcia Sherman, Brittany Warman

The Fairy Tale Magazine

March 2023 Issue

"A Dream of Love"

Buy this single issue for $5.99 HERE

with original fairy tale stories, poems, art, articles, and interviews with author TheodoraGoss and artist, Emily Balivet!


Odyssa Rivera-Abile, Amanda Bergloff, Sara Cleto, James Dodds, Kelly Jarvis, Kim Malinowski, A. M. Offenwanger, Lauren E. Reynolds, Deborah Sage, Lorraine Schein, Marcia Sherman, Jude Tulli, Brittany Warman

The Fairy Tale Magazine MARCH ISSUE 2023.jpg
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