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Hello Enchanted Friends:

If you’re new to FTM in the last two years, you may not know that we were called Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine, for many years. That’s where all of our Throwback Thursday material comes from. Today, I’m sharing the link to the archived site for those of you who’d like to check it out and explore. Here is the link.

Why haven’t we shared the link before? Because by doing so, we will drive views away from this site, which is where we actually now live online, to the old site. The old site was on Blogger, owned by Google. By sending people to the old site, we may very well be pushing this site further down on search results. This site is on Wix; Google privileges Blogger over Wix.

However (and I really have resisted saying anything about this, but realize I have to), the many inquiries by writers about the old site and/or Throwback Thursday (some of them very pointed and demanding) have finally pushed me to provide the link to the EC archive.

A work per week through Throwback Thursday is what we can manage. I can only plead that we don’t have the womanpower for more than that. We can’t just merge the sites. We’ve tried.

And I also need to give an announcement, that I previously thought would have been obvious: This site will not go on forever, and it too will be archived or maybe disappear. I don’t own the Internet.

In fact, it will no longer be an active site after the end of 2026, unless someone else wants to run it. That’s just before I turn 65. There are many reasons why, but the fact is, I’ve been at this for well over 15 years already, and I’ll definitely be willing to pack it in by then. I enjoy the work, but it’s very time consuming, and I have fantastic help from Kelly Jarvis, Kim Malinowski, Madeline Mertz and Lissa Sloan. Even with their truly stellar efforts, the site is a lot of everything. (But they really are an awesome bunch.)

There are many moving parts to this effort that most readers and writers never see. That’s because I want you to just enjoy yourselves. But the pressure of writers’ expectations over the last two years has become too much. Hence this post.

I do want to make it clear that most writers are lovely to work with! If they weren’t, I’d quit. But as with any endeavor, the malcontents really bring down the vibe.

Asking polite questions is fine! I encourage them, I promise.

But if you do have questions, email them to me. Don’t put them under this post or on another public forum. My email is in many spots on this site, and it’s the official email for the entire enterprise, but here it is, again:

One last thing: A shoutout to the Fairy Godparents Club. Your suppprt, in every way, helps make FTM better. Thank you! The Club is closed for this year, but will open again in January.


Kate Wolford



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