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June 2022 Issue: "Whispers of Wind"

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Whispers of wind

stirred echoes

of the past

and scattered thoughts

of a different time and place

through her mind...

~ A. Bergloff

In nature, it is the wind that brings in storms, and it is also the wind that clears them away. Wind brings change, and there is beauty in the idea that through the worst storm, the wind will come and usher in the clear blue skies afterwards.

This month, The Fairy Tale Magazine is presenting four stories and four poems in the third issue in our series of "weather-works" for 2022 that explore some element of weather - from rain to wind to snow and beyond.

So, please enjoy, and as always dear readers...

Stay enchanted!

- Kate, Amanda, and Kelly

"The East Wind listens for the ghosts of last year's sadness..." Windy Season Eve Morton

Hear your heart stop in an ocean of silence... The Queen's Temple Alexander Etheridge

She could speak with the spirits of the dead during heavy rains... The Stone Sister Betty Stanton

All forest adventures should respect nature... Lost and Found in the Rain Alicia Hilton

"I am a weather witch, and I would reward each of you with a boon..." Seasonal Affliction Robert Allen Lupton

Elf tears do not suffice... Climate Change TS S. Fulk

"Who is with you in your storm..." The Shadow Prince Susan K. H. Newman

We fly together, up into the light... Light Bird, Shadow Bird Jason P. Burnham

MUSIC Sharing an enchanting favorite to accompany this issue:

ALL COPYRIGHT to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

The Fairy Tale Magazine Editor-in-Chief ~ Kate Wolford Art Director ~ Amanda Bergloff Special Projects Writer ~ Kelly Jarvis

Cover Illustration ~ Frank Dicksee Graphics ~ Amanda Bergloff

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