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Climate Change by TS S. Fulk

The month of April passed

without any showers

elf tears do not suffice

so May flowers struggle

where shall bees and faeries

flit and pirouette now

Plastic iron radio waves

proud symbols of mankind’s progress

modern wards to keep the fae at bay

letting us safely watch TikTok

somewhere a puckish garden grows

a refuge from technology

and its child metamodern angst

far from this dull castle and cage

Please accept this offering

my soul yearns for rain’s kind caress

TS S. Fulk lives with his family in Örebro, Sweden as an English teacher and textbook author. TS S. Fulk also plays bass trombone, the mountain dulcimer and the Swedish dulcimer (hummel). His poetry has been (or will be) published by BeZine, The Button Eye Review, Perennial Press, and more.

Cover: Amanda Bergloff

Twitter @AmandaBergloff Instagram: amandabergloff


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