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Chosen Authors for March and June Issues

What a month it’s been! We received hundreds of submissions for 12 spaces—so only about 3 percent of the submissions were accepted. More about that after I list the names. Here are the authors whose work will appear in the March or June issues:

Kim Malinowski

Brittani Jenee’ Cal

Deborah Sage

Jessie Aktin

Peyton Dupree

James Dodds

Henry Herz

Odyssa Abille

Esther Ra

Carter Lappin

Marisa Montany

Melissa Yuan-Innes

These authors will join Marcia Sherman and Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman (the scholars behind The Carterhaugh School) in writing for each of the four issues in 2023. In addition, our contributing editor, Kelly Jarvis, will be contributing both fiction and nonfiction to each issue. Amanda Bergloff, our art director, will be doing her magic with some visual delights, and I’ll be writing several articles as well.

I would have gladly chosen more submissions if we could afford it. While it’s true that uncounted submissions (because why put myself through that?) were unusable because the authors showed no familiarity with our publication or the submissions guidelines, the top 40 or so were very, very competitive. Really excellent work fell by the wayside.

I hope people who read this and haven’t become subscribers yet will do so today. Remember, the only way to read what we publish will be through subscription. We will not be publishing anything more free on this site, so please sign up! A lot of old friends from our previous site as Enchanted Conversation are under the impression that we’re still providing a free magazine, but we aren’t, so please help out this little nonprofit and what I know is a great magazine, today.

Image: by Christen Dalsgaard


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