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  • Weather Spells August 2022 Issue

August 2022 Issue: "Weather Spells"

The wind and the waves

echoed her heart-

constant and pure.

The storm was her

soul-wild and untamed...

And when the tempest

raged around her,

she faced it

until the rainbow appeared

and a new beginning was born.

While whispers of wind

stirred echoes

of the past

and scattered thoughts

of a different time and place

through her mind.

It was then that she

formed her most powerful spell;

The weather spell

that no living creature could stop,

and she once more

remembered her true name.

Mab stepped out of the shadows

and her raindrop crown

glittered with the power

of eternal starlight.

~ A. Bergloff

Weather echoes the human heart, and we are connected to it. The ever changing weather of the seasons brings calm days and turbulent ones, much like how our hearts can experience love and joy, and also, tribulation and sadness. It is through experiencing and enduring all aspects of the weather around us, and the seasons that we carry inside our hearts, that balance is found and the beautiful spell of life goes on.

This month, The Fairy Tale Magazine is presenting two stories and three poems in the final issue in our series of "weather-works" for 2022 that explore some element of weather - from rain to wind to snow and beyond.

So, please enjoy, and as always dear readers...

Stay enchanted!

- Kate, Amanda, and Kelly

We wait at the borders for mortals

to remember the reckoning of time .. The Weather Witches Kelly Jarvis

My son wishes to wed

the Moon's eldest daughter... Hounds of the Heavens Rose Q. Addams

Our birthplaces crumble while we ride on swans' wings... The Snow Queens

of Southern California Marisca Pichette

Don't stir the pot, child, don't coax the wind or tempt the rain... Curious Emma Liz Bragdon

The heat of summer continues to elude me... The Song of the Rain

Faniyi Oluwatomiwa Elijah

MUSIC Sharing some rainy,

weather-themed classical music

accompany this issue:

ALL COPYRIGHT to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

Editor-in-Chief ~ Kate Wolford Art Director ~ Amanda Bergloff Special Projects Writer ~ Kelly Jarvis

Cover Painting ~ by Frederic Leighton, 1892

Graphics ~ Amanda Bergloff


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