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  • Weather Spells August 2022 Issue

The Song of The Rain by Faniyi Oluwatomiwa Elijah

Something in the atmosphere has shifted

And I can't quite wrap my finger around it

The tips of the winter edge have finally receded

Though graciously, the heat of the summer continues to elude me.

The breeze blows cold, the Earth sends a signal

I'm thirsty rain, please come

The cloud crumbled, the sky thundered

Beams of lightening formed a path in the sky.

Millions of massive rain-drops have fallen all around

They came dancing on household and hid in the ground.

They were liquid-like musicians with anything for keys

Beating tunes upon the window

How sweet the music of the rain that the sound fills the air.

I took shelter in a silent empty house

Lit by flat grey sky, spiced with rainbow

Over everything the flatness lies

Thick with words unspoken

Can you feel it there, in the walls, in the floor?

As a cold song in a cold weather

Or as a fairy tale when the moon smile

Love can blossom with the warmth and can also blow up storms

The more involved we are together, the less we’ll have of stormy days.

Faniyi Oluwatomiwa Elijah popularly known as Tommy Brian is a poet, freelance writer and Editor/proofreader. As a lover of art, nature and mystics, he finds solace and inspiration from soliloquy, meditations and poetic conversation. His work has appeared in numerous poetry journals, such as Wittywords, Writers Magazine, Chrysolite Writers etc.


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