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Next week, CH will be back to normal, but for one last time, I'm plugging Glass and Feathers by Lissa Sloan in the Monday spot.

This book is 20 years in the making for Lissa and nearly two for Lissa and me together. It represents countless hours of work, worry and creativity. I dearly hope all of you will buy a copy. And I hope that those of you who received ARCs will review it at Goodreads and in Amazon (starting tomorrow). 

Glass and Feathers is an absorbing, enchanting read. Here's the description:

"They can bring you a night out, a gown, even a pair of slippers. Or something you never should have wished for in the first place. 

After the royal wedding, the girl in the glass slippers has everything she ever wanted: an escape from a life of drudgery, an innate magical gift, and a devoted husband who looks at her like she is the only one in the room. But all wishes come with a price. To the people of the palace, she is an outsider, nothing more. Even her famous shoes cannot help her--the glass slippers no longer fit. 

Glass and Feathers is a continuation of the traditional Cinderella tale. It transforms 'Happy Ever After' and soars beyond it."

The best reason to read this book is because it's a fantastic book. But if you care about FTM, then you'll buy a copy and/or review the book, because book purchases directly affect the bottom line of The Fairy Tale Magazine. When you buy a copy of G&F, you're literally positively affecting our ability to keep going.

So buy and/review the book! Please!

Next week, back to housekeeping!


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