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Throwback Thursday: Seasonal Spells for the Elm Queen by Alicia Hilton

Editor’s note: THE HOLLY AND OAK KINGS are probably still locked in battle, as we roll toward the end of the Summer Solstice, but Alicia’s gorgeous poem about all four seasons will keep us in the magical mood!

Winter Requiem

fairy folk gather

beside a fresh grave

snowflakes and tears

glisten on their faces

winged tribe grieves

for the Elm King

Spring Equinox

a hillside covered in

bluebells crocus freesia

fragrant blossoms assuage

the Elm Queen’s grief

Sultry Beltane

fairies build a bonfire

the Elm Queen’s mage

tosses herbs on the blaze

smoke smells like magic

and hope they sing ballads

celebrate spring

Summer Solstice

fairy folk link hands

encircle a sacred elm chant

courtship spells songbirds

echo their incantations

Autumn Equinox

fairy folk gather under

a canopy of elm leaves

amidst a storm they paint

symbols on sacred tree

rising gale shrieks a face

appears in the clouds

Lightning Strike

severs the tree trunk

inside the elm a fairy

awakens new Elm King

greets his bride.

Alicia Hilton is an author, law professor, arbitrator, actor, and former FBI Special Agent. She believes in angels and demons, magic and monsters. Alicia’s recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Best Indie Speculative Fiction Volume 3, Daily Science Fiction, Demain Publishing UK, Departure Mirror, DreamForge, Enchanted Conversation, Litro, Neon, Sci Phi Journal, Space and Time, Vastarien, Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volumes 4, 5 & 6, and elsewhere.

Image by Elisabeth Sonrel


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