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Throwback Thursday: Faerie Godmother as Kitchen Witch, by Deborah Sage

Editor’s note: Here’s a throwback from 2021, from one of our favorite poets!

She comes to my cottage, adorned in

Cinders and ash, silver-gray as the artemisia,

Growing in my garden.

She comes to tell me there will be a ball.

That she longs to go. For her, my only godchild,

I gather sage, lambs’ ear and lavender,

Lemon balm and mint, beginnings and endings,

In an ancient basket.

She shall have a dress the color of

Rosemary blossoms,

Drawn not from needle or wand, but from wish,

Slippers crystal-clear as rainfall, though they

Are more difficult, requiring freshly gathered dew

And a stronger spell.

For her hair, a circlet of

Pearls from the ashes so readily at hand.

Her scent, roses and anticipation.

A carriage from a pumpkin.

To break a spell of envy, gratings

Of lemons and oranges, but

No love potion. That is her work, not mine.


Bio: Deborah W. Sage is a native of Kentucky, USA. She merged her talent and interest in her first published book of poetry.


A former business executive who after years of being committed to the bottom line is gaining equilibrium in her psyche through her endeavors in folklore.

Image of lemon balm from Pixabay


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