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Throwback Thursday: Dishwater Dreaming, by Debbie Debby Zigenis-Lowery

Dare I hope?

Steaming water reddens my hands,

Skin once white as apple blossoms

And smooth as velvet petals.

The prince has asked for a cake baked by me…

Did he see?

How could he see

Beyond this stinking


I wear?

Dare I hope

He has seen beneath this shaggy skin?

I rinse a heavy pewter cup,

Take up the next.

Once I caught the eye of a king.

I shudder.

How the thorns and branches of the wood

Tore at my face and hands

As I fled

My own


But this time it is a prince,

Young, winsome.

I rinse the last cup,

Dry them all quickly with

The rough,



I shall sneak into the orchard.

Aye, when I am done.

The apple trees are blooming,

Their petals will be just the thing

To transform these work-worn hands

To the hands of a queen.


Debby Zigenis-Lowery is a reteller of folktales, a historical fantasy novelist, and a poet. You can find her blogging at or indulging in her favorite addiction at


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1 Comment

Steven Aelfcyning
Steven Aelfcyning
Jun 10

Wow, cool. Left me wanting more. Plus, APPLES. And who, or what, exactly is the narrator? Is the shaggy skin a garment, or a transformation? Love this one!

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