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The Tempest & The Rainbow: April 2022 Issue Table of Contents

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The wind and the waves

echoed her heart-

constant and pure.

The storm was her soul-

wild and untamed...

And when the tempest

raged around her,

she faced it

until the rainbow appeared

and a new beginning was born.

~ A. Bergloff

The tempest and the rainbow are forever linked in nature and in our imagination. They are the balance to one another. The unpredictability of storms and life gives way to the beauty of the rainbow and dreams, and it is through stories that we understand this and are inspired.

This month, The Fairy Tale Magazine is presenting ten imaginative tales in the second issue in our series of "weather-works" for 2022 that explore some element of weather - from rain to wind to snow and beyond.

So, please enjoy, and as always dear readers...

Stay enchanted!

- Kate, Amanda, and Kelly

"Remember, your wits are your true magic.." Bag of Onions Jennifer A. McGowan

There is no wind spell for wishes to float free... Wind Spell Kristen Baum DeBeasi

The Weather Witch obliges... A Change of Weather Deborah Sage

The braised rage of the sun pierces a cloud in two places... Zeus Returns, Briefly Eric Pinder

No one's ever really gone..." A Dance in the Rain Sarah Garcia

Cloudy dreams forming May soon come true... Beware the Sly Mimics of Spring Maria DePaul

My power comes in with the rain and the lightning... Like Thunder in My Head Gerri Leen

What use are slippers against tempests... Tsunami Came in Sparkling Midnight Dyani Sabin

MUSIC Sharing an enchanting and atmospheric rain-inspired favorite to accompany this issue

ALL COPYRIGHT to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

The Fairy Tale Magazine Editor-in-Chief ~ Kate Wolford Art Director ~ Amanda Bergloff Special Projects Writer ~ Kelly Jarvis Cover Illustration ~ John William Waterhouse Graphics ~ Amanda Bergloff


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