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Sleeping Beauty's Garden by Madeleine Elias

Reality is too tidy after one hundred years of dreaming

So she makes her garden messy

She grows no roses, but wild brambles that bear the sweetest blackberries

Soft between her teeth, sun ripened and warm

Only she can pick them safe from thorns


She does not sleep much, which makes the court whisper

Of curses reversed but not quite broken

She shelters in her plants’ unjudging company

Weaving moonflower and morning glory into ever-blooming vines

Cradled in the roots of a steady birch

The trees know all about long, deep sleep


By night she gathers up the sleep she does not need

Bundling it, poppy-scented, in a gossamer net bag

Then creeps through the castle, soft as starlight

Giving rest to the old laundress and the weary maid

Rich with visions of rose petal castles and flashing fairy wings

Once eternally sleeping, now she sweetens dreams

Madeleine Elias has an MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco. She is a writer of magical stories and poetry, an avid crafter, a singer and a dancer. She lives with one foot always in the land of stories and is working on her first novel.

Vintage artwork, artist unknown.



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