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Review by Madeline Mertz: In the Shadow of the Fall by Tobi Ogundiran

In the Shadow of the Fall by Tobi Ogundiran is an absolute wild ride of a fantasy novel. Fans of Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson will delight in this work. The world building of this story is complex and captivating and will absolutely reel you in. A large part of the reason I loved this book so much was that Ashâke is such a strong heroine, but she is also incredibly relatable. She’s impatient, makes mistakes, and is constantly trying to work her way out of one problem or another. Her decisions made out of impatience are what makes her who she is, and is also ultimately what makes her great.

Ashâke wishes to be a priestess in her world, and is willing to achieve the role by any means necessary, however she oversteps when she attempts to gain the attention of one of the Orisha capable of elevating her to the position by trapping them. Instead, she sends herself tumbling down a dark path and is spotted by a league of enemies in a dreadful vision with unwitting consequences that she never prepared for. She must weave her way through a tangled web of war with the help of new allies while danger lurks around every corner.

Fans of fantasy and fairy tales will delight in this book, releasing on July 24, and I cannot wait until this book is out so I can have a paper copy of it! You can order the book here.

Madeline Mertz is FTM's editorial intern and is a Truman State University student with literary journal experience.



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