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Review by Madeline Mertz: Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett

Books about the fae have been all the rage recently, and Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries is truly a standout among them. If you’re a fan of the fae, or any type of fairy tales or fantasy, this is absolutely the book for you. I found this book absolutely impossible to put down. The world building of this story is fantastic, with unique and tricksy fae breeds, and plot surprises around every corner.

Dr. Emily Wilde travels north in this tale to uncover more about types of fae that no one has seen before, but she meets a problem when her enemy and academic rival (and suspected fae) Dr. Wendell Bambleby puts a hitch in her plans. If only he weren’t so handsome and charismatic, he would be a lot easier for her to ignore. It’s up to Emily to uncover more about the fae so she can continue her work at Cambridge and get the position she wants. All she needs to do is steer clear of Wendell Bambleby, but that is proving more difficult than she expected. 

I will always be a fan of swoon-worthy romance and nerdy male leads, and this book has both in spades. It’s the perfect blend of interesting fae facts, shocking reveals, and charged moments. I would absolutely recommend that this book be an addition to your spring reading list! You can find the book here.

Madeline Mertz is FTM's editorial intern and is a Truman State University student with literary journal experience.



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