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Review by Lissa Sloan: The Witch of Tin Mountain

In Tin Mountain in 1831, all Anneliese wants is acceptance and safety for herself and her young son. In 1881, all Deirdre wants is for her sweetheart, Robbie to propose so they can settle down and raise a family together. In 1931, all Gracelynn wants is to leave Tin Mountain to make a new life with her best friend (and secret crush) Abby. But different as they are, these three women are linked by a powerful gift, a connection across the years, and a shared enemy. He has a different name and wears a different face each time, but this charismatic, mysterious preacher will not stop until he’s achieved his sinister goal.

In The Witch of Tin Mountain, author Paulette Kennedy weaves together the tales of three generations of women united by a common threat. The small-town setting in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas is refreshingly different, and each period feels so lived-in, it’s real enough to reach out and touch. The language, especially Gracelynn’s first-person narration, sparkles with humor and authenticity, making it easy to root for her and those she loves. But Tin Mountain is not kind to women who will not conform, and Anneliese, Deirdre, and Gracelynn are not the complying kind. At times the experiences these women endure is difficult to read, but Kennedy’s characters never stop asking why it should be this way, and who is truly responsible. The result is a chilling story with the occasional whisper of a bad fairy tale bargain. But ultimately, it’s an empowering tale with--no spoilers, I promise, but--a hugely satisfying climax that could only happen in the Midwest. If you love unsettling witchy books and heroines with true grit, The Witch of Tin Mountain is for you!

You can find the book here.

Lissa Sloan is the author of Glass and Feathers, a dark continuation of the traditional Cinderella tale. Her fairy tale poems and short stories have appeared in The Fairy Tale Magazine, Niteblade Magazine, Corvid Queen, Three Ravens Podcast, and anthologies from World Weaver Press. Visit Lissa online at, or connect on Facebook, Instagram, @lissa_sloan, or Twitter, @LissaSloan.


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