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Review by Lissa Sloan: The Snow Girl by Sophie Anderson

Twelve-year-old Tasha is relieved to leave her friends and move north with her parents to her ailing grandfather’s farm. She is not the same since what happened at Claw’s Edge. She doesn’t pursue new friendships and no longer goes exploring, opting instead to help around the farm and spend time with her family, for now she knows she cannot trust others to keep her safe. She must rely on herself. All the same, she is lonely, and on the first snowfall of the year, she wishes the snow girl she made with Grandpa would come to life and be her friend. What follows is magic Tasha had never dreamed of.

The Snow Girl is acclaimed author Sophie Anderson’s retelling of the classic Russian tale “The Snow Maiden” for middle grade readers, but readers of all ages will love snuggling in with this touching and sensitive story. As Tasha’s friendship with the snow girl Alyana grows, Anderson explores trauma, discernment, trust, and self-confidence. She creates a cozy, timeless atmosphere, deliciously detailed with Russian food and folkore, making it a perfect story to curl up with on a winter night. Stunningly beautiful gray and blue illustrations and page decorations by Melissa Castrillón swirl throughout the book, making it even more of a pleasure to read. A moving tale of bravery, hope, friendship, and letting go, The Snow Girl is simply magic.

Lissa Sloan is the author of Glass and Feathers, a novel that tells the story of Cinderella after the “happily ever after.” The Enchanted Press will publish it next February.


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