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Purchasing News for Glass and Feathers, by Lissa Sloan

Happy Tuesday! The Enchanted Press is excited to announce we have expanded distribution of Glass and Feathers through Ingram. As of today, paperbacks of my Cinderella continuation novel are available for purchase from websites all over the world, including Barnes and Noble and Books a Million in the US, Brown’s Books in the UK, Dussman das KultureKaufhaus in Germany, Booktopia in Australia, Morawa in Austria, Saxo in Denmark, and Bokus in Sweden.

Doors are also open now for Glass and Feathers to appear in brick-and-mortar bookstores! Don’t see it at your favorite chain or indie bookstore? Why not ask if they can order a copy for you?

And there’s one more thing: we at The Enchanted Press are big library fans. So we are absolutely thrilled that libraries can now add Glass and Feathers to their collections.

We are delighted that there are now even more opportunities for my girl with the glass slippers to find new readers. Because that’s what it’s all about for Kate and me. What we want, more than anything, is for Glass and Feathers to find its audience. We appreciate every review and online post, every recommendation to a friend or gift to a loved one. When you tell people about this book, when you ask if your library will carry it, that matters. You are helping other readers find it. And that means more than we can say.

Thank you for walking the path of Glass and Feathers with us.


Lissa Sloan is the author of Glass and Feathers, a dark continuation of the traditional Cinderella tale. Her fairy tale poems and short stories have appeared in The Fairy Tale Magazine, Niteblade Magazine, Corvid Queen, Three Ravens Podcast, and anthologies from World Weaver Press. Visit Lissa online at, or connect on Facebook, Instagram, @lissa_sloan, or Twitter, @LissaSloan.


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