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Kate's Picks: The Fairy Tale Magazine's ZAZZLE Store

Check out Kate's fabulous finds that you can enjoy, too!

This week's pick: The Fairy Tale Magazine's ZAZZLE Store

This week’s pick is our Zazzle store. If you haven’t been there in awhile, you’ll be surprised. We’ve added a lot of new merchandise and I’m adding even more today and tomorrow. And every penny of profit goes to The Fairy Tale Magazine.

You’ll notice that we have some gorgeous merchandise with images designed by Amanda Bergloff, our art director. I genuinely love her work, especially “Moonrise” and “Moon Maiden.” I’m also a fan of notebooks, and we’ve got some terrific ones for sale with Amanda’s images and some great work by beloved Golden Age illustrator Ida Outhwaite.

We also have some items featuring Arthur Rackham’s delightful “Piccalilly” garden illustration. There are numerous other items with classic illustrations, and even some just featuring our name. We’ve got everything from lapin pins to mugs to t-shirts and posters.

If Zazzle isn’t your thing, then please check out our shop here on this site. Just go to the menu and hit “Shop” and you’ll be there. (Or just follow this link.) We’re not only selling the books I’ve edited, we’re also selling fantastic digital images, including some with the same images we use on merchandise at our Zazzle store. And even more great work by Amanda is at our shop. The images cost only $2 each, and there are no restrictions on how you may use them.

The pictures you see here are for sale in our shop as digital downloads and are featured on Zazzle merchandise as well. They are, in order, “Moonrise,” “Moon Maiden,” by Amanda, and Arthur Rackham’s “Piccalilly.”

I hope you find something that enchants you!



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