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Kate's Picks: Spray Edged Books

Check out Kate's fabulous finds that you can enjoy, too!

This week's pick: Spray Edged Books

Hello Enchanted Friends

Well, a cold I thought I’d kicked is back—there’s a very nasty non-Covid cold going around these days and it’s not done with me after all, so this pick will be very short and sweet as I am exhausted.

My pick is sprayed-edge books! Many of you are probably familiar with them, as they are commonly part of specialty book subscription boxes like Fairy Loot. Sadly, most of these subscription services have lengthy waiting lists and are known for sometimes sending their boxes months late.

So I checked out Etsy for “sprayed edge books,” and there are a number of shops catering to readers who love books with gorgeous covers and edges. You can do your own research on Etsy just by putting the phrase above in the search. There are a ton of options, so take your time and research what you want. (You will notice that YA dominates this kind of book art.)

The photos you see here are all from Kathy’s Bookish Shop, and her prices in euros are about right for the average sprayed edge book. (She’s not on Etsy, but everything else is comparable.) These books are an affordable indulgence for yourself or a friend. Enjoy!

Yours in Enchantment,


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Julie Shiel
Julie Shiel
13. März 2023
Gefällt mir
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