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Kate's Picks: Glass & Feathers

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

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This week's pick: Glass and Feathers

I know that I’ve been pushing the subscription angle very hard, but you’re almost out of time for getting the serialized novel, Glass and Feathers, by Lissa Sloan, if you haven’t already. You’ll need to subscribe in the next couple of weeks, or you’ll have to wait to read it until next year, and then you’ll have to pay for it. So of course, it’s my pick of the week.

You’ll find the info on subscribing for this year here. (You can’t get in on the serialized novel by buying only one issue. You need to be a yearly subscriber.) Also, just FYI, when you subscribe for four issues, it’s the four issues for this year. You’d get the March issue as well as the remaining issues for the year if you were to subscribe today.

Glass and Feathers is a coming of age story that focuses on what might happen when Cinderella moves into the castle and gets married. Let’s just say the slipper won’t fit—in more ways than one. It’s a beautifully wrought, compelling story that takes the heroine far beyond where she starts.

And there’s glorious black and white art designs by Amanda Bergloff, managing editor and art director for FTM, all through the book. Below is the latest.

So I hope you’ll subscribe if you haven’t already. Glass and Feathers is a perfect springtime read—or a great read for any season.

Yours in Enchantment,


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