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  • Kate Wolford

Kate's Pick: The Grand Chateau Gift Box

Check out Kate's fabulous fairy tale finds that you can enjoy, too!

This week's pick: AN OUTRAGEOUS TREAT!

I try to keep my picks affordable, but every once in a while, I find something so ridiculously fun, I go for it. Today, that’s “The Grand Chateau” gift box. Yep, it’s a box that holds a gift box and it’ll set you back about $125.

I know, $125 is just too much, but this confection of card stock, glitter, crystals, and a chandelier—and that’s only part of the list—is so in your face frou-frou Marie Antoinette, that I simply have to share it. This beautiful confection opens the doors of the paper chateau (the exterior is beautifully line drawn) complete with a paper doll queen and gold medallions giving a lot of the decor.

It’s too much, but it is delightfully rendered. It would be perfect for a little person who wants tosee where Cinderella lives after the happily ever after or for tucking a special gift like jewelry or concert tickets inside for a grownup who likes things on the fancy side.

Unfortunately, because of Etsy shareability rules, I can’t do more than give you the link to the chateau, but the picture today is of a terrific Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach box, which our heroine can ride in to and from the chateau. Kind of a twofer. Both are from Gilda’s Curated Designs.

Stay enchanted!


See you next week!


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