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Glass and Feathers Reviews, Godparents Club

Hello Enchanted Friends:

Today we're skipping "Throwback Thursday" to ask last year's readers of the serialized version of Lissa Sloan's Glass and Feathers to please leave reviews at Amazon and/or Goodreads.

What are people saying on Goodreads so far?

Suzanne Steward says: "I read this book in installments and absolutely loved it! This is a very wise and thought provoking tale about what really happens after the happily ever afters and the importance of being true to yourself in relationships. Read it; I promise you'll love it!"

Johanna Haas says: "Excellent telling of what happens after the Cinderella story ends. Would you want to be stuck in a castle with all those better-than-everyone types having to wear a new dress everyday, but with the same glass slippers? Well-written and plotted this story goes in directions you will not expect."

Tabby Brooke says: "This is like no other fairytale I have ever read, it was messy and it was beautiful. Instead of fancy party’s, extravagant dinners and over the top palace living there was deception and self-deprecation. So afraid of not fitting in, being unwelcome by her new royal in-laws and everyone else around her, Cinderella was unable to see that her Prince loved her truly—not just because of some wish."

Supporting the this book not only helps book sales, it supports the magazine! The profits the Enchanted Press earns will go directly to The Fairy Tale Magazine.

And while I'm on supporting the magazine, time is running short to join The Fairy Godparents Club. The window for joining closes at 11:59 PM, EST, March 17. Our first meeting is at 7 PM, EST on March 18. And a glorious Glass and Feathers swag package will be the prize for the night. If you wish to join, just email me at It's only $20 to join for the year.

That's all for now.

Stay Enchanted,



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