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Chosen Authors for May 1 Issue

Updated: Apr 2

The authors for the May 1 issue have been chosen. They are listed below.

Lorraine Schein

Kristen Baum DeBeasi

Silvatiicus Riddle

Ian Li

Grace Nuth

Kathryn Shailer

Lissa Sloan

Amy Trent

James Dodds

Raina Alidjani

Lauren Reynolds

Helen Patrice

Lynn Hardaker

Madeleine Elias

Deborah Sage

Plus: works from staff members Kelly Jarvis and Kim Malinowski.

Thanks to all who submitted. If your name is not listed, we release all claim to your submission. Please remember that we do not give feedback.

Image from Pixabay


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Steven Aelfcyning
Steven Aelfcyning

Congrats, one and all! Looking forward to some fine reading. —Steve

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