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  • Kate Wolford

Book Review: Shut Up and Write The Book by Jenna Moreci

Shut Up and Write the Book,” by Jenna Moreci, is a book I hope all would-be novelists will buy and use. I say that as a reader and a publisher, and I hope it will become a bestseller.

Yet, packed to the brim with thoughtful, detailed and highly practical writing advice as this book is, Moreci isn’t here to teach you how to promote or sell your book. Her advice is strictly about setting, world building, editing, characterization, plot development, outlining, dialogue writing, and all manner of writing pitfalls to avoid and skills to develop. (And that list is only partial.) “Shut Up and Write the Book” delivers a huge amount of thoughtful, practical advice for the novice writer or the experienced one who wants to be reinspired or brush up on their skills—without being intimidating.

I enjoyed “Shut Up and Write the Book” for its wisdom, as a publisher, but I think a lot of readers would enjoy it as well. It reminds you about what good writing should be, and just how much hard work and imagination writing a novel takes.

Jenna Moreci is an independent, successful dark fantasy romance author, and the funny and wise voice of a popular YouTube channel, Writing With Jenna Moreci. In the book and on her channel, Jenna employs racy humor and potty jokes to amuse readers while they learn. But don’t let the funny tone fool you, Jenna Moreci knows a lot about writing and genuinely wants other writers to succeed.

The best testimonial I can make about “Shut Up and Wrote the Book” is that I love it, and I normally detest bathroom humor and am not a big fan of sexy romance either. I love romance novels, but only slightly steamy, thank you. None of that matters. Jenna is compassionate, funny and professional. She knows writing is a tough business and she has the empathy a teacher needs to help your writing along.

“Shut Up and Write the Book” is worth your time and money. Highly recommended.

Review by Kate Wolford. editor-in-chief of The Fairy Tale Magazine.

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