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  • Kelly Jarvis

Book Review: "Faerie Silver, Iron Cold" by Vic Malachai

Faerie Silver Iron Cold by Vic Malachi (publication date July 31, 2022) is everything a fantasy novel should be and more! The novel follows the life of a girl named Ciar who, after losing her mother to illness, is sent to live with her grandparents on the border of the faerie world. Ciar, called Collis in the old language, is a precocious child who accepts the local children’s dare to cross the stream into the Faerie Woods, meeting an unseelie faerie boy known as Mael. The two of them spend their days together, much to the horror of Ciar’s grandparents who fear the child will be spirited away to the faerie realm never to return.

When Ciar turns thirteen, her absent aristocratic father arranges to send her to school in the city and, despite a promise from Mael that he will be waiting for her when she returns each summer, the unlikely pair do not see one another for five years. As Ciar comes of age and prepares to marry, Mael comes back into her life igniting a breathtaking adventure through the faerie world.

Malachi’s prose is rich with otherworldly detail about faerie superstitions. Ciar and Mael are expertly drawn characters, and readers will delight in watching their relationship unfold over the years. The novel allows readers to cross the boundary between the human and faerie lands alongside Ciar as it explores the difference between striking a faerie bargain and making a conscious choice for love. I loved it!

You can find the book HERE.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a free copy of the book in exchange for a fair review.

Kelly Jarvis teaches classes in literature, writing, and fairy tale at Central Connecticut State University, The University of Connecticut, and Tunxis Community College. She lives, happily ever after, with her husband and three sons in a house filled with fairy tale books. She is also Enchanted Conversation’s special project’s writer.



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