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A World in Her Tresses by Ian Li

Flowing hair tumbles from the sky

to find her freedom and new fate

delivered not by gallant prince

but by connecting to the earth.

Her tresses swirl in morning sun

like rippling stalks of amber wheat.

She whispers words that bees pass on

to seek companions, pure and free.

Come alive, come alive! She dreams

of daffodils and marigolds

so she weaves seeds into her hair

builds cozy nests inside her curls.

When spring arrives, she holds her breath,

sees nestled in her golden locks

flitting moths and dappled honey

and goldfinch chicks and dandelions.

A world soon blooms before her eyes—

golden apples, beets, and peppers

beating breasts of yellow warblers

the swooning dance of butterflies.

With nature’s chatter in her ears

the tower cages her no more—

the princess welcomes spring’s embrace

a crown of daisies, breathless grace.

Ian Li (he/him) writes speculative fiction and poetry from Toronto. Formerly an economist and consultant, he also loves spreadsheets, statistical curiosities, and brain teasers. Find his writing at Radon Journal and Flame Tree Press, as well as at

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