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A Comprehensive Apothecary’s Precept for Faerie Concoction and Cookery by Sofia Ezdina

Editor’s note: The oddness of this poem and the seemingly random maladies listed grabbed our attention and held it. There’s a lot to think about!

When hunting for fairies, always plug in your ears:

the cry of a dying fairy can damage your hearing.

Dry them for two weeks before you proceed

by hanging them out of a window or dumping in the dark corner.

Grind fairies in a mortar till a smooth mass

and take orally twice a day before meals.

This nostrum treats cough, arthrosis, snuffle,

it breaks fears, anxiety, and nicotine breath.

It eradicates fatigue, dispels anger and spleen;

it drains your eyes and voice and emasculates your words.

Although, as side effects, for years you’ll dream fairies’ death.

But for such visions there is a good decoction on page 4.

When hunting for dvergrs, do not think about your loved ones.

Sofia Ezdina is an emerging writer and queer woman from Russia. She befriends stray animals and whispers eerie things. Her works appeared in Jalada Africa, FU Review and The Revelator. One of her poems was also named as a runner up for Barjeel Poetry Prize.

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