June 28, 2022

Women of the Golden Age of Illustration: Margaret Evans Price, By Amanda Bergloff



The Golden Age of Illustration is a term applied to a time period (1880s - 1920s) of unprecedented excellence in book and magazine illustrations by artists in Europe and America. Advances in technology at the time allowed for accurate and inexpensive reproductions of their art, which allowed quality books to be available to the voracious public demand for new graphic art.

When many people think of the Golden Age of Illustration, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, and other male artists come to mind, but there were also female artists that excelled during this time.

Margaret Evans Price was one such artist that produced magical work, so learn a bit more about her and her art below...

Margaret Evans Price (1888 - 1973) was an American children's book illustrator and author, but did you know that she was a co-founder of Fisher Price, one of the world's most popular toy manufacturers?

Margaret was interested in art from a young age and when she was twelve, she sold her first illustrated story to the Boston Journal. She received a formal art education in Boston at the Boston Academy of Fine Arts, then moved to New York City for freelance illustration work. There, she worked for publications like Harper & Brothers, Rand McNally, and Stecher Lithography creating illustrations for children's books of fairy tales and myths.

But illustration work was not her only career path as in 1930, along with her husband, Irving L. Price, Helen Schelle, and Herman J. Fisher, Margaret co-founded the Fisher-Price toy company that still exists today. She was the first Art Director of Fisher-Price where she designed push-pull toys based on characters from her children's books.

Margaret continued to exhibit her art in national galleries in the U.S. after the formation of Fisher-Price. Her art was not only published in children's books, but also in Nature Magazine, The Women's Home Companion, and Pictorial Review. A permanent collection of her works are housed at the New York Historical Society.

Margaret's simple, graphic style, combined with her beautiful compositions, makes her art enchanting for children and adults.

Check out her work below:

From Once Upon a Time - A Book of 

Old-Time Fairy Tales, 1921
From Enchantment Tales for Children, 1926
From A Child's Book of Myths, 1929

From Once Upon a Time - A Book of 

Old-Time Fairy Tales, 1921
From Off to Bed, 1920
Cinderella & Her Godmother, 1939

From Once Upon a Time - A Book of 

Old-Time Fairy Tales, 1921
The Land of Nod, 1916
The Old Woman & Her Pig, 1928
From A Child's Book of Myths, 1926
On the Road to Storyland1926
From A Child's Book of Myths, 1926
Beauty & The Beast, 1921
Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf, 1921
From A Child's Book of Myths, 1926

And if you'd like to read a full children's book

that Price illustrated, you can find

The Troubles of Biddy


Enchanted Conversation's contributing editor, Amanda Bergloff, writes modern fairy tales and speculative fiction. Her work has appeared in various anthologies, including Frozen Fairy Tales, After the Happily Ever After, and Uncommon Pet Tales.

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Cover: Amanda Bergloff

June 27, 2022

Poetry Showcase: The Physician's Wife, By Sarah Allison


Once, a princess slept 
and dreamed of Death...
Editor's Note: Today's Poetry Showcase, originally published in 2017, is a melancholy twist on one of the characters from the classic Godfather Death tale.
The princess slept.
She dreamed that Death stood by her feet
and called her away in a soft cold voice,
somewhere else, far from the fever,
into a quiet dark that smelled
of earth.

But she woke up.
Her father bid her wed a stranger, a physician,
who had cured her, so would keep her.
She smiled as she had been taught to do.
They were married with flags and trumpets
and the sky rained rice and flowers.

The physician slept.
He did not wake, only sank deeper
with a face full of dread, and she wondered
if he dreamed of Death. They buried him
with flags and trumpets and much weeping,
and she wore widow’s black
though they had been married less than a day.

Her father did not seem to mind.
Over dinner, he remarked
he had a better husband for her.
A wealthy king from a nearby land
who would make a strong ally in war.
Sarah Allison lives in Florida. Her short fiction has been published in Liguorian Magazine and NonBinary Review.

Poem ART by: @AmandaBergloff

June 25, 2022

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