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Cinderella's Hearth

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"There are stories that exist

where dreams become reality

and reality becomes the landscape of dreams.


This is the Night Queen’s landscape

A place where light and shadow mingle

to dance upon stardust,

and the place where she weaves her stories of happiness and sorrow

into the velvet fabric of forever.


The Night Queen has many tales to share, 

and she is beckoning you to enter into her realm of Eternal Night…."

- From "Tales from the Night Queen's Realm,"
The Fairy Tale Magazine September Issue
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We Love Fairy Tales...

This is a site for fairy tale lovers, creators, and dreamers.

If you love entering the imaginative world of Charles Perrault, The Brothers Grimm, and Hans Christian Andersen, this is your place. If you love reimagining classic fairy tales and putting the results into stories, this is your place. If you want to write and read all-new fairy tales, this is your place...

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