SATURDAY TALE - La Luna by Liam Hogan

Between Night and Day
Kings and Queens
Dusk and Dawn
is a story of love and betrayal... Once, the King of the Night and the Queen of the Day shared the narrowest of borders, a mere moment wide.

As they exchanged passing pleasantries across that knife-sharp boundary, a shooting star arrested them in its spectacular demise. In the fading afterglow the Queen noticed, for the first time, that the King’s black cloak was studded with sparkling gems. The King looked past the Queen’s gown of startling blue and saw that it was softened by a shawl of softly spun cloud.

In that instant between Night and Day, these two mighty monarchs fell helplessly in love.

Exactly a year later the Queen gave birth to two beautiful babies, a boy and a girl. The boy was smoke skinned, dark haired, Kohl-eyed, lips like bruises. They called him, Dusk. His sister was fair haired, pale eyed, her cheeks a delicate blush of pink. The doting parents named her, Dawn. But the King of the Night had a kingdom to rule, the Queen of…

FAIRY TALE FLASH - Braids by Amanda Bergloff

The tale of a shortcut, a witch, and braids... Once, there were three sisters with braids the color of summer wheat who went to gather herbs far from home. Their mother told them to stay on the main path, but the sisters chose to take a shortcut that would allow them to be home before dark.
Soon, they came to a bridge over a cascading stream that a hairless witch guarded.
The youngest sister, Charity, walked ahead of her two sisters.
“Wait here. I will call to you when it is your turn to cross the bridge,” she said.
Charity approached the witch. “Will you allow me to cross your bridge, so that I can get home before dark?” Charity asked.
The hairless witch shook her head. “No, for I am in need of hair, and your golden braid would be perfect for my head.”
“But my braid is not very long. If you allow me to cross the bridge, I will call to my sister, Emyme, that the way is safe. She has longer braids than mine that will surely fit your head better.”
The witch nodded and let Charity cross the br…

AUGUST 2018 ISSUE - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation Magazine
presents the
AUGUST 2018 Issue
This month, we're featuring eight original tales that will take you on a journey from Paris to Zimbabwe to Las Vegas, England, Japan, and islands in the Azores...and beyond.

How do you find the store that always has your heart's desire?
Can stage magic be any match to real magic and deals that are made?
When a witch wants payment for services rendered, can a father refuse her high price?
What happens when a sharp lad meets someone sharper?
And the story of an ancient creature who destroys, but demands more tales to enjoy on a late summer's day!
Eventually, it will come out- the thing his heart is calling for that only the Artifactium can provide... THE ARTIFACTIUM Rebecca Buchanan
The girl’s happy childhood came to an end when the muroyi declared,“As my payment, I shall take the daughter- a life for a life...” DOTADOKO or THE BRIGHT RED EARRING DJ Tyrer
Stage magic is smoke, mirrors, and sleight of hand, but t

THE ARTIFACTIUM by Rebecca Buchanan

Eventually, it will come out-
the thing his heart is calling for
that only the Artifactium can provide...
The Artifactium is always open for business. I knew that when I signed on as caretaker. That’s why there’s a bottomless bag of food, an endless wardrobe, and even iron shoes (really, they’re cotton-lined so they’re pretty comfortable). No TV, though, or computer, or even phone.

I’m okay with that.

My predecessor retired to Las Vegas a few years ago and joined a freak show. (There wasn’t any place else she could really blend in.) She writes once a week complaining about how bored she is.

I take pity on her and write back, telling her about some of the patrons who have come in.

Like the kid on Tuesday. Gawky teenage boy, glasses, braces. Walks with his head back, looks me straight in the eye. The kind the bullies leave alone, even though they could have beaten him to a pulp. The kind who loves fairy tales and isn’t ashamed to admit it.
And the Artifactium knows that and manifests in the b…