April 28, 2017

Notebook Giveaway Winner is ...


The three notebook winner is Kristi Quist. The randomly selected winning number was 692, and Kristi guessed 678. Congratulations Kristi; you have 72 hours to contact me at Enchantedconversation@gmail.com to collect your prize.

Thanks to all who entered. There will be future giveaways! So keeping visiting EC.

This rather bizarre image is by Werner Klemke, from 1955.
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April 26, 2017

Fairy Tale Roundup: Sign Up!


Hi All:
Don't forget to sign up for Fairy Tale Roundup, a newsletter that won't just feature Enchanted Conversation news, but also news from Once Upon a Blog, Timeless Tales, World Weaver Press, and Tales of Faerie. 

You'll get a chance to read posts you might have missed or issues of webzines you didn't know were out there. And, most important for many of you, you'll find writing opportunities in folklore, myth and fairy tales. As you know, EC, TT and WWP (I love acronyms) are all publishers. 

Specifically to EC, each issue will offer tips about submitting work from yours truly. Tips that you won't find elsewhere. And you might get a heads up on giveaways and special writing opportunities. So sign up to learn more! 


Image by Andy Warhol. Yes, Andy Warhol, from early in his career.
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April 23, 2017

Know Your Illustrators: Frank C. Pape


Frank C. Pape, a successful artist from the Golden Age of Fairy Tale Illustration, has escaped my attention until now. But, thanks to Pinterest, I've found him, and I'm glad I did. His strong lines and intriguing faces (especially on nonhumans) make his art seem fresh a century after his best work as a fairy tale illustrator. You can read more about The Golden Age of Fairy Tale Illustration HERE:

Pape was an Englishman, born in 1878. He trained at the Slade School of Fine Art, and married Alice Stringer, a fellow illustrator. In the first two decades of the 20th Century, he did much of his fairy tale work. Between 1910 and 1916, his output was impressive, and his fairy tale illustration was especially strong; his work included The Golden Fairy Book, The Ruby Fairy Book, and The Diamond Fairy Book. All three were published in 1911!

He enlisted into the Royal Army Service Corps, and the focus of his work changed, as the illustrated book market in the UK declined during the war. Pape eventually became known for illustrating satire by American writer James Branch Cabell. The book Jurgen, A Comedy of Justice, published in 1919, was both celebrated and the subject of an attempted indecency trial. Pape illustrated that book, and number of others by Cabell. He became popular in the US as a result.

Eventually, his popularity waned, and although he contributed to "Uncle Ray" stories by Ramon Coffman in the '30s and the '40s, his output began to decline, and in the 1950s, trouble with his eyesight dramatically affected his ability to work.

Pape lived into his 90s, and is well-remembered enough to have his his work and correspondence saved at Stanford University. 

One more thing: Pape's name should have an accent over the "e," but danged if I can make that happen for this post. An article about his life can be found HERE: 

All of the images here are from The Diamond Fairy Book.

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April 19, 2017

Watch I Married a Witch

Have any of you ever seen 1942's I Married a Witch? It's a delightfully silly film starring Fredric March and Veronica Lake. Veronica Lake, for those not in the know, was famous for her peekaboo hairstyle, on display on the cover of the notebook in this image.

The movie, which is sort of fuzzy in sound and look, features a real witch, and her father, also a witch, being burned at the stake by Puritans. They curse the family of the chief accuser to always be unhappy in marriage. That's what happens over many decades, as the ashes of the father-daughter witches wait for freedom. Freed they are. Romantic comedy ensues. All is right at the end, but not before plenty of hijinks and a touch of malice.

I Married a Witch remains a popular movie. It's the lightest of fantasy. A bit of a fairy tale, it never fails to cheer me up. And Veronica Lake is lovely in it. To read more about the movie, you can go HERE:

You can often find I Married a Witch on TCM during October. (By the way, Alec Baldwin is taking up some of the work of the late and much beloved TCM presenter, Robert Osborne. That should be fun. To learn more about that, go HERE: http://bit.ly/2oPhiCc.)

The notebook featured here is just one of many the winner of the three notebook giveaway will get to choose from. To enter, go HERE: http://bit.ly/2oSzzB2
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April 14, 2017

Sign Up for FairyTale Roundup!

We have some great news for fairy tale fans and writers: Fairy Tale Roundup is a newsletter that Amanda and I (but really Amanda) have been working on. I've had a newsletter of sorts the last few years, but this one will be a proper monthly effort filled with information about writing and reading opportunities for fairy tale fans. (Shoutout to Amanda for making the logo below.)

First, it's important that you know how to sign up. Because I'm stuck with this persnickety platform, the sign up box will not not pop up on mobile view. The good news is that if you roll down the mobile menu, you'll see Fairy Tale Roundup. Click on it and you will see how to sign up.

If you go to the web view, the pop up will do its job. But if you don't sign up on the first pop up, it may not pop up again. Fortunately, there's a sign up box on the web view sidebar.

If this all seems clear as mud, I'll make it easy: You can sign up HERE: http://bit.ly/2nN75bZ

It won't just be EC news. World Weaver Press is the publisher of all of my anthologies, plus it publishes lots of fantasy, paranormal and science fiction books. Each month, you'll get news of forthcoming publications and submission opportunities. It's a great company and you'll like learning more about it from publisher Sarena Ulibarri. You'll find the site HERE: www.worldweaverpress.com.

Gypsy Thornton is the brains behind Once Upon a Blog. The site is jam-packed with fairy tale news. I think it's the best site on the web for it. And, even better, OUAB is partnered with Timeless Tales, Tahlia Kirk's wonderful webzine. TT publishes new fairy tales based on classic fairy tales and myths.

Timeless Tales is HERE: http://www.timelesstalesmagazine.com/ 

Fairy Tale Roundup will have news from EC and those three other sites each month, with the site Tales of Faerie, a lovely fae blog, sometimes in the mix.

Tales of Faerie is HERE: http://talesoffaerie.blogspot.com/?m=0 

We hope, in time, more sites will join in, making Fairy Tale Roundup the source for fairy tale news and fairy tale opportunities on the web.

But remember, to get the news, you need to sign up here at EC. 
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April 11, 2017

Enchanted Conversation Needs Your Help

Dear Supporters of Enchanted Conversation:

If you care at all about this site, please read this in its entirety.

EC has been publishing at this web address for five years. Before that, there was an original, now removed Enchanted Conversation Magazine site, and before that, there was Diamonds and Toads, also now defunct.

Over all of these years, it has been my great privilege and joy to publish the works of talented writers and poets. I've also paid for the privilege of doing so for all of these years. I firmly believe that writers and poets should be paid, even if the pay is token, but, in fact, while the sums of $30 for stories and $10 for poems are not princely, they aren't rock bottom either. That's what EC pays.

When evaluating submissions for each issue, I end up rejecting stories and poems that I think readers would enjoy because I don't have the money. And I would like to pay more for the works EC acquires.

It might surprise you to know that Enchanted Conversation costs me thousands of dollars a year. Besides paying for stories and poems, there are giveaways that promote the site, site costs, and all kinds of little necessities that nickel and dime me. 

I'm the bookkeeper for my household, and EC needs to start making money, plain and simple. The addition of Amanda Bergloff as Contributing Editor is helping the site enormously, and she's working on ways to promote and monetize the site. (Yes, I do pay her, but not nearly what she is worth.)

So how can you support EC? Here are some ways:

1) Amanda and I are hard at work planning a Patreon campaign. Patreon allows supporters of a creative endeavor to support it through regular donations. If just 300 people pledged $2 a month, EC could buy more stories and poems to publish. We would be able to pay contributors more if just an additional 25 people paid $5 per month. 

The great thing about Patreon is that creators develop rewards systems, with the rewards getting better and better the higher the pledge level. But make no mistake, every $2 a month pledge we get would be a huge benefit to EC. And you'll like the rewards at that level.

If you are curious about how Patreon works, visit the Patreon page for Timeless Tales HERE: http://bit.ly/2ppwmFI 

2) Please visit my Zazzle store and buy something you like. I'm very busy increasing my inventory. The inventory is filled with items you'd have trouble buying anywhere else. I know how to get ahold of fantastic images and used them well. Here's a link:

3) In the near future, EC and other fairy tale and myth and publishing sites (like Timeless Tales) will be working together to send a monthly newsletter called "Fairy Tale Roundup." Soon you will be seeing a pop up to sign up for the newsletter. Please do. I will no longer be doing an email list, so even if you've signed up to follow EC on social media or for an email list, please sign up again. The newsletter will not only feature great info on other sites, but it will have tips and insights into Enchanted Conversation you won't be able to find anywhere else.

4) Please participate in giveaways (there's a great one now HERE: http://bit.ly/2oSzzB2). Please comment on stories and poems and regular posts that you like. Tell your friends about the site. Urge them to visit and comment. None of these actions cost a thing, but they really do help.

I love publishing EC. I love the work that I get to read every submissions period. I love fairies, fairy tales, myth, and all the art that goes with it. Please give Enchanted Conversation your support.

Yours in Enchantment,
Kate Wolford 
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April 9, 2017

Check Out EC's Zazzle Store, And Buy!

You're going to be seeing more calls for checking out EC's Zazzle Store, Enchanted Shopping. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/2oSxtRG

It's full of fairy tale items, of course, but I love flappers, and Art Deco in general. Plus, I like a little spookiness thrown in every now and again. I'm working on making lots of cool notebooks right now, so if you don't see something today, come back ina few days, I'll have more!

Amanda Bergloff, Contributing Editor here at EC, has been hard at work making the site better, making great art, working on a new newsletter system, and helping me think of ways to make money from EC.

I very much want EC to continue, but it costs me many thousands of dollars a year to keep it going. If you'd like to see it continue, one way to help is to check out EC's Zazzle store, and buy something (if you like something). Remember, I will be expanding the merchandise. And look for sales at Zazzle. There's one on today.

In the future, we will be rolling out a Patreon pledge campaign, but that takes a lot of planning. If you'd like to see how the system works, and support an outstanding site, Timeless Tales, check this out:

Timeless Tales is also a webzine that pays for fairy tale and mythical retellings. I support the site and wish you would as well. 

If you want to keep intrusive ads off of EC, please consider being willing to chip in somehow. But first, just enjoy the shopping at the Zazzle store. Here's the link again: http://bit.ly/2oSxtRG

The image is of just three of the items in the shop. 

And don't forget. A triple notebook giveaway starts at 12 a.m. April 10. Here are the details:
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April 8, 2017

Update: Three Notebook Giveaway CLOSED

To celebrate EC's ever-growing Zazzle store, but even more importantly, to celebrate a new Facebook group, Fairy-tale Forum, Amanda and I are giving away three spiral notebooks from the Zazzle store. The giveaway has started today, Monday, April 10. See details below. The store is  HERE: http://bit.ly/2oSxtRG

Here's the skinny on the Facebook group: 

Fairy-tale Forum is a group on Facebook where fairy-tale fans can meet to share news and talk about their favorite books, movies, and fairy-tale items. This group is hosted by two fairy-tale authors: Shonna Slayton and Ashlee Willis. 

And, EC's very own contributing editor, Amanda Bergloff, will be checking into Fairy-tale Forum today to answer your questions about EC! (I'm not a Facebook person, so Amazing Amanda will be answering the Ask Me Anything questions. But even I have joined Fairy-tale Forum and hope you will as well.) THE FACEBOOK EVENT IS OVER.

Please join Fairy-tale Forum, and ask Amanda questions today. And, if you live in the US, please enter the giveaway that has started. There are lots of new notebook designs coming to the store in the next few days. Many are fairy-tale inspired, but some are just pretty or fun. You get your choice, but only from the EC store, not on the entire Zazzle site. Links to the store are at the top of the site if you're on a desktop or on the roll-down menu on your mobile device.

CLOSED Here are Giveaway details: 
1) You must be 18 or older, and because of postage cost, you must live in the US to enter and win.
2) You enter by commenting under this post. That's the only way to enter.
3) You MUST include a number between 400 and 1000 when you enter.
4) You can enter only once, except, if you participate in the Fairy-tale Forum event April 10, you can enter twice. You must make the second entry a new comment, and you must guess another number between 400 and 1000. And yes, I will check Facebook to verify participation April 10, if you make a second entry. (No offense, I'm just an ex-college teacher. We become suspicious out of experience.)
5) You get your choice of three notebooks, but only from the EC store, not on the entire Zazzle site.
6) UPDATE: The contest began Monday, April 10, at 12:00 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. on April 27, both Eastern Standard Times. Sorry for the confusion!
The winner will be announced on April 28. The winner will have 72 hours to contact me at enchantedconversation@gmail.com. If the winner doesn't contact me in 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

The notebook at top is just one of many notebooks at EC's Zazzle store. The variety is growing all the time! And remember, the store is HERE: http://bit.ly/2oSxtRG
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April 7, 2017

Chosen Authors for the 'Diamonds and Toads' Issue


Deciding on whose work to include in this issue was as tough as last time. The quality of submissions is really high this year, and this time further demonstrates that. 

I was trying to decide for a long time. But I like what I chose, with lots of help from Amanda Bergloff, contributing editor. (She'll be doing some cool art for the issue as well!)

Below are the chosen authors:
Gerri Leen
Carina Bissett
E.J. Hagadorn
Penny Jo McAllister
Aliza Faber
Cara McKee
Priya Sridhar
Lorraine Schein

I appreciate the other submissions. If I had more money, I'd have published a number of other works.

Image by Mable Lucie Atwell.

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April 3, 2017

Stories Similar to 'Donkeyskin'


We will be working on getting the "Diamonds and Toads" issue out this month, and you should expect the list of chosen authors by the end of this week.

As you may know, submissions for our next theme will need to be inspired by "Donkeyskin," which you can read more about here: https://tinyurl.com/mzpf4ut
However, "Donkeyskin," by Charles Perrault, is a tale not everyone wants to work with, for reasons which will become clear by following the link above, if you are unfamiliar with the tale. 

As a result, writers and poets interested in submitting for the "Donkeyskin," edition, but who aren't thrilled about the Perrault version, may use similar tales as inspiration, like "Cap O Rushes," "Catskin," or "Tattercoats." Please do let me know in your submission that you are using a similar tale to "Donkeyskin." 

Also, the submission window for the "Donkeyskin" issue opens May 1 at 12 a.m., and closes May 30 at 12:59 p.m. These are EST times. 

Here are the submission guidelines: https://tinyurl.com/zb3ex9x

And please don't forget that your story should show a thematic link to the the story for that issue.

Not sure where the "Donkeyskin" image above is from, but it is pretty great.

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April 2, 2017

Welcome Amanda Bergloff, EC's New Contributing Editor -- Updated!


For the last few weeks, Amanda Bergloff, Enchanted Conversation's new Contributing Editor, has been hard at work teaching me how to make the most of Twitter and a brand new newsletter that will be debuting in the future. I'm wondering already how I got along without her! Below is a message from Amanda, telling you a bit about herself. Please welcome her to the site! 


Hello fellow fairy tale enthusiasts! I’m Amanda Bergloff, and I’m very excited to be joining Enchanted Conversation as a contributing editor. I have had a lifelong love of fairy tales, folklore, and myth that was inspired by the beautifully illustrated fairy tale picture books I had growing up. I happen to have saved those picture books from that time, and they're part of my book collection, (and they still inspire me.)

I’m currently an author who writes modern fairy tales, children’s stories, and speculative fiction, with stories appearing in various anthologies, including Stories from the World of Tomorrow, Frozen Fairy Tales, After the Happily Ever After, and the upcoming Pet Tales.

I’m also a surrealist collage artist that works digitally, combined with old-school-style techniques. I still cut paper, paint with acrylics and draw elements to enhance the images. My art has appeared on the covers of Crimson Dreams, New Myths Magazine, Firefly Magazine, The Evening Theater, Twisted Sister Literary Magazine, and other publications. I’m also excited about creating original art for Enchanted Conversation, starting with The Steadfast Tin Soldier Issue.

I live in Denver, Colorado and collect crazy hats, comics, toys, and vintage books when I’m not writing or painting.

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmandaBergloff

and on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/

Here's Amanda:

The top image is one that Amanda created for me to tweet! I don't even drink coffee and I love that image! Amanda also did the art for the "Steadfast Tin Soldier" Table of Contents post.

Update: Here are some of her fabulous collages!



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April 1, 2017

No Joke: A Fairy Tale Castle--Chateau de Chaumont


Just a quick bit of inspiration for travel. Wouldn't you love to go to this fairy tale castle? It's Chateau de Chaumont, located approximately in the center of France. It was first built in the 10th Century by Count Odo, who, like many nobleman of the time, spent a lot of his life at war.

But he did build a castle that would be burned down hundreds of years later, on purpose, by Louis XI, as a punishment for political activities by its owner--which the king didn't like. Eventually, the chateau as we know it was built in the 15th century.

It fell into the hands of Catherine de Medici, one of my favorite mostly-evil lady bosses of history. There is a fascinating story about the castle and de Medici and her husband, King Henri II. Some tidbits: Diane de Poitiers was 20 years older than Henri and was his mistress from his teens until his death. Also, Catherine made the mistake of falling in love with her husband. She tortured herself by having a peephole drilled in the ceiling of his bedroom, which she used to spy on her husband and his mistress. Yet, Diane was devoted to the interests of the king, and insisted he visit Catherine frequently, so she would have heirs for Henri. The result was a number of children, whom she eventually ruled through. There's so much more to this story. Here's a Wikipedia link to de Medici: http://bit.ly/2nWgygb

Catherine used the castle for a few years, entertaining luminaries such as  Nostradamus (she had a serious penchant for the occult). Eventually, she forced de Poitiers to trade away her own castle, Chateau de Chenonceau (which, it must be admitted, is even more spectacular than Chaumont), for Chaumont. 

Chaumont fell in and out of various hands over the next centuries, with the French government taking it over in the '30s. It remained me a popular tourist site, and I would love to go there!

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March 28, 2017

Animal Bridegroom Stories on Jezebel

Kelly Faircloth, a writer for Jezebel--one of the rare sites that takes fairy tales and their power to compel culture seriously--has a story on animal bridegrooms posted today. Here you go: https://tinyurl.com/nyy9aq9

Faircloth not only digs into Maria Tatar's new book about animal bridegrooms (more on that in another post), but investigates her topic using academic sources--rare in journalism. It's highly readable and offers food for thought and potential research sources, as well as some great art.

Animal bridegroom stories have a major ick factor, which is why Hollywood cleans them up. But they tell ugly, harsh truths about family life and the lot of women in marriage. It's always encouraging to see popular websites digging deeply into truth in fairy tales.

Of course, the monster hit that the live action Beauty and the Beast has proved to be means we'll be seeing stories about fairy tales for awhile. I haven't seen the movie. Have you?

Check out Faircloth's story.

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