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SATURDAY TALE - The Salt Pool by Angie Dickinson

There is a small, saltwater pool in the Peak District of Derbyshire. It is said that a nymph bathes there.

The message said to be there on the night of her birthday. Alone.

Although Mairen turned sixteen on the last fine night that the people of the Peaks would see until spring, there would be no firelit celebration in her name. She had been forgotten her whole life, living sparsely on the outskirts of the little village she had been born into without a family.

Forgotten, that is, until she received the message instructing her to come to the salt pool.

The pool was said to be salt because of an underground passage to the sea, although no one could verify such a thing. It would have to be quite a long passage, as the nearest coastline was many miles west of the Peaks. Mairen rather thought that it was salt because it was an ocean by itself, but she kept that fanciful suspicion quiet.

The pool had to be much deeper than it was wide; it only took five lengths of a row boat to cross it, and leg…

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