June 23, 2016

It's Fairy Tale Feast Time Again

Food and fairy tales are as closely linked as witches and cauldrons. Not only do meals and specific foods crop in classic stories with astonishing regularity, but, to be honest and disgusting, eating people (sometimes by witches who may well have boiling cauldrons) is a common theme in some of our best food-related fairy tales.

Just think of the scrumptious house of sugar and pastry in "Hansel and Gretel"--and the witch waiting to eat them who abides there. And, of course, we have "Rapunzel," a tale that turns on a pregnant mother's burning hunger for salad (or maybe rampion).

One of the happier uses of food in fairy tales is in"Beauty and the Beast," in which much of the wooing of Beauty happens during some very lavish and civilized dinners she shares with Beast.

Today, I'm inviting visitors to tell us what they would want for a fairy tale feast. What would you drink? Eat? What would be for dessert?

I've done this before with great results, so comment below and let us know what a magical feast would consist of if you were starring in your own fairy tale. 

Image is a vintage book cover of "Beauty and the Beast."
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Complex Fairy Tales

"The gypsy asked to be alone with the princess in the jasmine garden, 'just for one hour.'

"Yarosah herself was surprised that she had wanted to go back to the garden, but this young man had brought with him… something that she could not understand, in his eyes… she saw the sea…"

Read more of "The Adventures of Yarosah" HERE.

Complex Fairy Tales, a project of defenestrationism.net, combines 20 stories by 16 authors, some widely published, some published for the first time. Check out defenestrationism.net HERE.

These stories do not oversimplify existence, or treat children as children, but are written in language they will understand.  Kids are smart-- unless convinced otherwise-- and grasp much more than one might expect.

Surf on through for weekly postings of Complex Fairy Tales HERE..

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June 21, 2016

Fairy Garden Delights

Fairy gardens are wee vignettes for your garden or home, often featuring fairy tales as themes. But other themes are popular as well. Most of the time, you build them in containers, although many fairy gardeners have dedicated fairy garden areas within the larger garden,

I just love them, and some day, will get around to making one. Until then, I have some links for you to enjoy. Here goes:

Fairy garden basics:

Fairy garden ideas:

Fairy gardens supplies:

The image is from fleamarketgardening.org.
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