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Glass and Feathers Page

Hello Enchanted Friends:

Today I’m preempting Cinderella’s Hearth to tell you about the special page we now have for Glass and Feathers. The book is by Lissa Sloan, and, as it happens, she did the page here on the site.

You see, I used to be good at dealing with blogging platforms, but the jokes about older people not understanding the internet are real. The older I get, the more the internet vexes me. 

Thankfully, Lissa and her daughter Molly rode to my rescue and made a lovely page. It has all of the current information on the book, and as we get closer to its publication date, March 26, new information will be added.

The image below tells you what the book is about. Check it out!

Glass and Feathers is a coming of age fantasy romance that we know you’ll love. The Enchanted Press is delighted to be publishing it. 

We hope all of you will buy a copy. And, if you are one of the lucky people who received the book in serial form last year, please leave a review at Goodreads! It’s one of the most important things you can do to support the book and to support FTM.

Stay Enchanted,



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