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Cinderella’s Hearth: Fairy Tale Birthday Cards

"Cinderella’s Hearth” isn’t just about food and home keeping. It’s also about making life more enchanting and less humdrum. And I’ve got something absolutely lovely for your next birthday card purchase.

It’s the “Book Birthday Cards” set from Bas Bleu, a delightful catalog of wonders squarely aimed at book lovers. My family and I have been buying things from there for years.

My sister Amy hit the jackpot when she sent me the pink fairy tale card. (She did not, however, but the card set from Bas Bleu. She found it months ago at Whole Foods and saved it for my birthday. So perhaps you can still find it there.)

It’s the most lovely rose pink and no picture can do justice to how pretty it is. The “bookness” of it really comes through. It actually looks like a real book cover. The images are crisp and clear and the gold touches on it are stunning. There is a true fairy tale sense to it—the designer clearly leaned into the fairy tale inspiration.

There are three other cards in the set: A jungle themed one (green), a classic stories one (black) and an all-purpose red themed one. All are clearly designed as books and are blank inside. 

The set is impressive, and I promise that the $20 price for four is well worth it! 

I had been dithering over buying the set when I saw them in the Bas Bleu catalog over Christmas, but repetitive stress injuries to my hand made it unlikely that I’d ever write in them, so I passed. Receiving the pink one in the mail made my birthday extra special.

Thanks Amy! ❤️


Kate Wolford is the publisher of The Enchanted Press and The Fairy Tale Magazine. On March 26, The Enchanted Press will publish its first novel, Glass and Feathers.



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