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Big Changes at FTM

Hello Enchanted Friends:

The most constant characteristic of The Fairy Tale Magazine is that it always changes. Today, I have one more change to announce: Amanda Bergloff, Art Director and Managing Editor at FTM, is leaving. She has been the greatest partner I could wish for as a publisher, and we’ll miss her prodigious talent and work ethic. I will always be happy and grateful that we worked together, and will continue to enjoy her friendship.

Amanda’s departure has led us to changes, and the most important one is that we will not be able to do the two issues this year in PDF form--but we are doing them. The design and artistic vision for FTM, especially in PDF form, was entirely thanks to Amanda. It is not possible for me to recreate that, so we are not looking for a new art director.

Fortunately, and many of you know this, FTM was a blogazine for almost all of its life. We’re just returning to FTM classic. We will still do the two issues and the writing contest this year. It all will be published on this site only.

However, we will be suspending the regular newsletter. My staff and I will be too busy to do both the newsletter and a monthly email for Fairy Godparents Club members. So we’ll do a general newsletter, sporadically, but only for very major announcements.

The Fairy Godparents Club will be where we convey information, as we wish to build our core community. Members will receive a monthly email with useful information for writers and poets and general news about The Enchanted Press and FTM. (You can join the club by sending $20 to at PayPal. That is our official business/money email.) Starting with our next Fairy Godparents Club email, our mailing list will consist only of people who are up to date members.

I’m very excited about 2024! Not only are we returning to FTM classic, but Lissa Sloan’s amazing novel, Glass and Feathers, will be another huge focus of mine. The book debuts in print and ebook form on March 26, only on Amazon. We will be promoting that gem of a story quite a lot!

Finally, Kelly Jarvis has agreed to become assistant editor. I’m so excited! 🤩 She’s a friend, a very talented writer, and a teacher, and I’m so lucky to have her at FTM in this new capacity. She is moving up from her position as contributing editor to assistant editor. Kim Malinowski will now be poetry editor and continue as tech coordinator. Madeline Mertz will continue as editorial intern. I’m lucky to have such a great team!

That’s all for now.

Stay Enchanted,

Kate Wolford


Image is "The Reply," by Auguste Toulmouche.

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