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Only 3 Days Left for Subscription Sale

“My reflection would not answer my question,but she was trying to tell me something. Something I didn't want to hear. The ladies didn’t know it yet. But I did, and I had to admit it. To myself at least. The whisper in my head had been growing more insistent for some time now. Telling me I had found yet another way to fail.

“I had pushed it down and pushed it back, telling myself I was worrying over nothing. I was imagining things. But now, feeling the sharpness of the slippers against my skin, I couldn’t deny it any longer. Whether my feet were growing bigger or my shoes were growing smaller hardly mattered.

“The glass slippers no longer fit.”

--Ftom Glass and Feathers by Lissa Sloan

Only three days left on the sale that lasts through Jan. 8–only $12 for all four jammed packed issues. On Jan. 9, the price goes to $16. ( There is currently nothing for sale at the $5.99 single issue level.) We will never discount like this again, so hurry!

AND, a previously unpublished serialized novel by the amazing Lissa Sloan is included in your subscription.

It’s called Glass and Feathers and is a tale of Cinderella experiencing love, growth, fear, uncertainty, and finding purpose after the happily ever after. Utterly engrossing! Subscribers will receive new chapters in their email box every two weeks starting Jan. 17.

The Fairy Godparents Club is $65 for the whole year which includes:

  • A subscription to the magazine

  • Plus the serialized novel

  • Along with nine Zoom meetings with guest stars,

  • Giveaways,

  • Unique meditations, plus more.

  • You’ll also get extra stories, poems and art included in the membership.

Just email me at and ask to join and I’ll send you a PayPal or Venmo invoice.

If you have any questions please email me, again, at Here’s the link to subscribe again:

Yours in Enchantment,


Cover: Amanda Bergloff @AmandaBergloff


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