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  • Kate Wolford

October 2022 Issue: All Digital Sample Issue

Hello Enchanted Friends:

It’s taken a lot of working and dreaming, but

here it is: our sample issue of

Fairy Tale Magazine.

That’s right, we’ve gone to a digital magazine format, and I couldn’t be prouder. Amanda Bergloff and I have long considered doing this, with Amanda leading the way, and as I see this sample, I know that it’s all been worth it.

Inside these pages, you’ll see some of the best work we’ve previously published, with new art and tiny touches that only Amanda can bring to FTM. You’ll also read one of my all-time favorite stories by Kelly Jarvis, our special projects writer. There’s even a new poem just for this issue. Every story and poem in here is special, though, and we know you’ll have your own favorites.

This issue is designed to whet your reader’s appetite for the four seasonal digital issues of FTM to be published in 2023. These will be on an upgraded ISSUU platform, so there will be some cool techy stuff coming next year.

In 2023, we have a “Love” theme, with a special emphasis on romance, so you romance lovers will want to get on board. For those who aren’t romance fans, fear not: In 2023 we will have other works that focus on the many ways people experience love, plus nonfiction. And, in each issue we’ll have stories and poems that are the “Best of Enchanted Conversation,” which most of you know was the name of our site until very recently.

As always, the art will be sumptuous! We haven’t abandoned our aesthetic that focuses on the Golden Age of Illustration and Art Nouveau—as you can see in this issue. Amanda, who had the idea to move to the digital magazine platform ISSUU, will continue picking and using the best art out there, plus her themed roundups and art profiles, which are very popular, will be part of each issue. Also, this sample is shorter than what we’ll publish next year, so expect a lot of great content.

We are going behind a paywall next year, as most of you know. We can’t sell subscriptions until Jan. 1, 2023, for bookkeeping reasons, but for those of you who sign up in early January, the cost will be only $12 for the whole year, and that includes a serialized novel by Lissa Sloan, one of my very favorite writers. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will tell you that Lissa has created an “after the fairy tale” story that you’ll never forget. I think $12 is pretty cheap for all of that. We’ll also be offering memberships for writers and readers that will be discounted if you sign up early. I’ll offer more details as we get closer to January.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this witchy and wonderful free issue, as a gift from us. If you love it, thank Amanda, as not only were all of these changes mostly her idea, but she’s also done the lion’s share of the work.

Any thoughts or questions? Drop me a line at

Yours in Enchantment,

Kate Wolford


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