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Kate's Picks: Subscriptions, The Fairy Godparents Club & Glass and Feathers

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This week's pick: Subscriptions, The Fairy Godparents Club & Glass and Feathers

I know I’ve been beating the drum pretty hard on subscriptions and joining the Fairy Godparents Club, but they are the reason why this blog exists, so I’m at it again! Tomorrow the first section of the serialized novel, Glass and Feathers, by Lissa Sloan will be sent out to FTM subscribers and members of our Fairy Godparents Club.* You can find out more about both here. In Glass and Feathers you’ll find a heroine to root for as she tries to navigate the perils of life at court. It’s a Cinderella story that starts at the end of the fairy tale. Lissa delves into essential questions: How does a woman who has grown up like Cinderella become the woman she’s meant to be? Can a young couple make it in the gossipy, judgmental hothouse they are living in? And doesn’t everyone need a purpose? Oh, and there are, of course, secrets. If you’ve been thinking about subscribing or becoming a member of the Fairy Godparents Club, now’s your chance! We’re very proud to be publishing Glass and Feathers. It’s an engrossing read that puts you right in the heroine’s world. You’ll love it there! So if you haven’t signed up for a subscription or to join the Fairy Godparents Club, please do it now, because we’d love to have you. Here’s the information link again. *(If you buy a single issue, which will not be available until March 1, the serialized novel is not included.) Cover for Glass and Feathers designed by Amanda Bergloff, Art Director.

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