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This week's pick: Sign Up!

Of course I’m using this space to promote subscribing to The Fairy Tale Magazine! That’s why we exist. But now is an extra great time to do it, because the next installment of Glass and Feathers will be published on Feb. 28, and it’s the last part of section one of the book.

Our heroine, thus far, has had to struggle with her own emotional demons, the unforgiving court she finds herself in, and a highly uncooperative pair of breakable shoes. She’s also struggling in her love life, even though she’s married to a prince of a guy.

There is so much more to the story, and be prepared to find twists, turns and stumbles, literally and figuratively in Cinderella’s life as we move forward in the narrative.

How will this first section resolve itself? Can it resolve itself, or is she just following a path of self destruction? What’s up with those shoes?

There’s only one way to find out. Sign up for a one-year subscription to The Fairy Tale Magazine and you’ll receive all sections of Glass and Feathers printed so far and the rest of the novel as well. Here’s a quote from the last line of the book’s first section to get you started:

“A trail of bloody footprints followed me into the wood.”

What more do you need?

Yours in Enchantment,


Photo by Lissa Sloan


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