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Kate's Picks: My Favorite Bayberry Candle

Check out Kate's fabulous finds that you can enjoy, too!

This week's pick: My Favorite Bayberry Candle

I suppose it’s my mother’s fault that I love bayberry candles so much. She was a huge fan of anything Early American, seeing it as a clean, but pretty aesthetic that featured good wood furniture and lots of appealing fabrics and textures.

Mom really kicked it into high gear at Christmas, when she went the full Williamsburg. (Remember that the Bicentennial happened in the 70s, the decade of my childhood I remember best. Early American was a big thing! ) The wreaths with the fruit, starched white lace tree ornaments, the clove studded oranges, and, of course, bayberry candies—we had it all.

The sweet, earthy, slightly smoky smell of bayberry is intoxicating, and when a skillful candle maker mixes it right, it's an excellent addition to your holiday experience. No wonder Mom always burned them.

It happens that after years of trial and error, about 10 years ago I found a perfect bayberry candid. It’s by A Cheerful Giver, and comes in a number of sizes. My favorite size is the 34 ounce, because we like to burn it all winter long, loving its bayberry, balsam and spice scent. The 34 ounce will give you 155 hours burn time and costs $26.

It comes to you with a metal lid with gingham fabric tie around it. It’s a homey, unfancy look, which means you can put it anywhere and most people won’t notice. The best part of this candle is that it isn’t perfumey, so you can burn it near the kitchen and it won’t fight with food smells. The lingering scent that the candle leaves in your house for days after is light and lovely—surprising in a candle that doesn’t overpower the nose while burning.

So if you want an old-fashioned, bayberry scent in your home, give this candle a try. I’m burning one right now.

Stay enchanted until next time!


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