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Kate's Picks: FTM Submissions & Subscriptions

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This week's pick: FTM Submissions & Subscriptions

Hello Enchanted Friends!

It’s almost a week until New Year’s Day and that means it’s almost time to close the submissions window for the first two issues of the year. We’ve already had hundreds of submissions, but we haven’t made any official decisions about whose work we’re going to use in the first and second issues of 2023.

So if you are still working on a story or poem, it’s not too late! The first window closes on Jan. 2, 2023, at 11:59 p.m., EST. That’s a week. You could dust off an old poem or story that’s fairy-tale related but hasn’t been published and polish it into something wonderful. We do not care if we receive a submission on the first day we’re open or at 11:58 p.m., EST, on Jan. 2; all are considered.

I would be fibbing if I said there aren’t ways to up your chances of being accepted. It’s very clear that many of the submissions we’ve received are from people who know nothing about the publication—as in the writer probably didn’t even come here to read the submission guidelines. And nearly an equal number seem to think that because “love” is the theme, that fairy tales/folklore/myth are not needed in their work. This is wrong, and the guidelines make it clear. Plus, you know, the title of the publication kind of gives it away.

Being a fan of The Fairy Tale Magazine has always given people an edge when submitting. I’ve been completely upfront about that from day one. Yet being a fan also means that you love the fairy tale/folklore/myth retelling genre in general. It’s very easy to spot a faker. The genre we’re in is very similar to romance (that’s part of the reason we’re highlighting it this year). People think oh, it’s just a dumb fairy tale retelling, which is what they think for romance as well. But successful writing depends on fandom. There’s always a tell when people aren’t fans. The characters are shallow or the plot is nonexistent or the ending feels fake, and there’s no oomph in the sentences and paragraphs.

So my recommendation for this week is for those of you who plan to submit but haven’t yet is to use your time wisely, know the submissions guidelines, work the theme and love the genre.

As for the rest of you, on Jan. 2, we’ll start selling subscriptions to both the magazine and Fairy Godparents Club. Please do support us. We’re so excited!

Yearly subscriptions include all four digital issues for 2023 containing new fairy tale and folklore inspired poems and stories, captivating art, nonfiction articles about our favorite authors and artists, as well as obscure fairy tales, and much more!

Yearly subscribers will also receive the exclusive serialized novel, Glass and Feathers by Lissa Sloan, (about what Cinderella discovers after the Happily Ever After) delivered directly to your email inbox starting in January. Subscriptions are $12.00 from Jan. 2 through Jan. 8 -- $16.00 per year thereafter.

The Fairy Godparents Club includes the digital subscription to the magazine, and access to Lissa Sloan’s serialized novel, Glass and Feathers, along with other awesome benefits that include access to nine monthly Zoom meetings where the editors of The Fairy Tale Magazine will be sharing insider writing tips, our favorite books, live guest writer interviews, fairy tale swag giveaways, and special fairy tale meditations just for members. Subscribers to this level will also receive extra stories, poems and art, plus access to members-only chats. A subscription to The Fairy Godparents Club is a flat $65.00 for the year.

Hope you’ll be subscribing soon!

Yours in Enchantment,


Image by Charles Gibson.


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