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  • Kate Wolford

Kate's Picks: FTM Sample Digital Issue

Check out Kate's fabulous finds that you can enjoy, too!

This week's pick: Our Sample Digital Issue

I suppose making our sample issue my pick of the week is cheating a little, but I’m so proud of it, and think it is such a great accomplishment that I couldn’t resist.

The October sample digital issue is crammed with some of our favorite stories and poems from the last few years. Amanda has outdone herself in art and design! It’s gorgeous.

I hope many of you will not just read it, but also share it with family and friends. We need the word to get out so people will subscribe when we open officially in January. In the meantime, enjoy the issue, and happy October!

Autumn Woman image from D&S’s Digital Delights.

Until next week, stay enchanted!


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