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Kate's Picks: Fairy Lore & A Mob Movie

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This week's pick: In Which I Connect Lost Civilizations, Fairy Lore, Beavers, Donovan, Narnia & a Mob Movie

Have you ever considered the idea that there may have been another civilization on Earth two or three billion years ago? I have. People always look at me like I’m insane when I bring it up.

You may be thinking that this has nothing to do with fairy tales, and perhaps so, but my weekly pick can be about anything. Also, what if our fairy lore comes from an ancient intuitive knowledge about a previous civilization? Sadly, the article I’m sharing today does not delve into fairy lore, but it does probe the idea that another mammalian species may have had a short-lived civilization long before us. Maybe it was a race of super beavers. They are very good builders.

What makes this article, “Was There a Civilization on Earth Before Humans?” even more interesting is that the author thinks the answer is no! But he’s taking the question seriously, and that’s fun.

For the record, this is not about some lost civilization idea or the whole Atlantis theory, which I’ve never been much interested in—except for the Donovan song “Atlantis,” which is fantastic, because Donovan is a genius who deserves to be celebrated far more than he is. (For those of you who might be wondering, yes, the song was used to brilliant and violent effect in Goodfellas, one of the greatest movies of all time.)

So that’s my pick. I’ll be back next week.

(Image is from the Narnia movie The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Did C.S. Lewis know something we don’t? That is one advanced Beaver.)

Yours in Enchantment,



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