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Kate's Picks: Blog For Book Reviews

Check out Kate's fabulous finds that you can enjoy, too!

This week's pick: Monica Robinson's Blog for Book Reviews

Editor’s note: Kim Malinowski is writing this week’s pick. I’ll be back next week. You’ll note that if you follow the second link, there’s a nice review of Mothers of Enchantment. Thanks, Monica! (Extra note: I’m not posting this because Monica gave MoE a good review. We just always want to support the cause of good reading. And don’t miss a nice interview with Kim in the MoE review.) KW

Monica Robinson, e-signature mrobinsonwrites, hosts a blog on the Hive Blog platform. Her reviews of books are painstakingly honest and authentic. She does not condemn in her reviews, but she still makes the reader aware of what pitfalls any selected book might have. She deftly navigates the reader around what books feel jumbled and arbitrary and what books are art. She addresses audience, personal bias, and her own aesthetic, and creates the perfect recommendation and review for each book.

There are no spoilers but there is honesty. There is a diverse selection of books and ARC copies that Robinson reviews in a systematic and functional way so that the reader easily comprehends what they should read and what they could read if they wanted to. There are no roasts, but some reviews are more negative than others. This level of honesty is refreshing and ambitious. At the time this was written, Robinson had 62 posted reviews. Her link is Monica Robinson (@mrobinsonwrites) — Hive. There is a small fee to follow her but her blog articles are free to view.

Until next week, stay enchanted!

Image from Monica Robinson's blog


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