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Kate's Pick: The Practical Wristlet

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This week's pick: The Practical Wristlet

This week’s pick is an inexpensive, practical wristlet that you can carry on its own or stick in purses to help keep things organized.

It’s the SCOUT Kate wristlet. I bought it on Amazon in June for only $18 in the black gingham check, and it’s practical and earns me compliments. What’s so special about it? Well, it’s the right size for lip balm, a plus-size iPhone, ID, a credit card, a key fob and folding money. You could easily put a small comb in there too. In other words, it carries a lot of essentials. If you want something you can pop into purses, just remove the wristlet handle and go for it.

Even better than its size is that it’s made of wipeable coated cotton. And absolutely best of all? It’s padded. Why is that good? Because it makes the wristlet easier to find in your purse, if you are using it on its own, it doesn’t get lost easily. It’s very light but has heft.

The only downside is that the brand is summer oriented, so the designs are best for the hotter seasons, but there is a “Cindy Clawford” animal print I think will work great for colder weather, and I’m going to give it a try.

Now I need to start thinking of a new pick for next week.

See you next then!

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