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Kate's Pick: Important Message on Poetry Submissions

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This week's pick: Important Message on Poetry Submissions

Hello Enchanted Friends:

This week I’m skipping my recommendation and sending a message for poets. Here we go.

We’ve received a lot, and I do mean a lot, of submissions. We’ve still got almost two weeks of submitting to go and we have well over 200 submissions. We are excited that so many writers have found us!

However, there is a problem with poetry submissions. It states in the guidelines that we accept “only one work per writer per submission period.” It’s in the paragraph right above the subheading called “Rights.” (I’ve lightly highlighted it in yellow in the screenshot.)

The vast majority of story writers—about 99 percent—are submitting only one work. To not let them submit two or more is unfair to them, and in any case, we do not have time to evaluate that many submissions. So poets are to send one poem only, please. I know that some publishers want a few poems at a time, and that is where the confusion comes from. Be that as it may, at FTM, it’s one work per submission period, period.

That’s all for now!

Yours in Enchantment,



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