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Important Subscription Announcement!

We’re getting a ton of signups for our basic monthly newsletter and that’s great! We love it!

But signing up for the newsletter is not the same as getting a subscription to the magazine. The new stories, poems, interviews, etc., are only available to paid subscribers. The spectacular previously unpublished, serialized novel, Glass and Feathers, by Lissa Sloan is only available to paid subscribers.

I’ve found out in the last 24 hours that many people think that subscribing to the newsletter through the form at the bottom of the page is enough, but we do need you to sign up here for a paid subscription.

If you have any trouble subscribing through the link above, just email me at I’ll help you through the process.

And don’t forget about our Fairy Godparents Club! Our gatherings are always fun, and this year, it’s the only way to take part. Email me at if you’d like to join.

One last thing: The window for submissions is now closed until May.

Yours in Enchantment,



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