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FTM has some exciting news: Kelly Jarvis, contributing editor, has secured interviews with Theodora Goss, Maria Tatar and Alice Hoffman!! And, she’s going to do a big spread on Kinyuko Craft, with whom I’m sure you are familiar! AND, for our Fairy Godparents Club, I already have Mary McMyne, author of the stupendously great “Book of Gothel,” as guest speaker for our June meeting. I also have the fantastic multifaceted bruja and scholar Dr. Maria De Blassie as our April speaker. I’m working on getting some other guest stars as well. AND Brittany and Sara will be writing for each of the four issues of the magazine! What a coup for us at FTM! We’re currently holding a sale that lasts through Jan. 8–only $12 for all four jammed packed issues. On Jan. 9, the price goes to $16. ( There is currently nothing for sale at the $5.99 single issue level.)

Please note that subscribing to our newsletter is not the same as subscribing to the actual mag! AND, a previously unpublished serialized novel by the amazing Lissa Sloan (“Garmon Marr” in this group) is included in your subscription. It’s called Glass and Feathers and is a tale of Cinderella experiencing love, growth, fear, uncertainty, and finding purpose after the happily ever after. Utterly engrossing! Subscribers will receive new chapters in their email box every two weeks starting Jan. 17. The Fairy Godparents Club is $65 for the whole year. A subscription to the magazine is included (and the serialized novel) as are nine Zoom meetings with guest stars, giveaways, unique meditations, plus more. You’ll also get extra stories, poems and art included in the membership. Just email me at and ask to join and I’ll send you a PayPal or Venmo invoice. If you have any questions please email me, again, at

Here’s the link to subscribe again:

Yours in Enchantment,



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