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FTM Gift Subscription Certificates for the Holidays!

Hello Enchanted Friends!

Because it's the holidays,

We've got something exclusive for

the readers of this website

If you’re looking for a gift idea, why not print out one of the advance subscription certificates below?

They’re free, and once we start taking orders for the magazine and the Fairy Godparents Club on Jan. 2, you can order the actual items for your giftee.

Yearly subscriptions include all four digital issues for 2023 containing new fairy tale and folklore inspired poems and stories, captivating art, nonfiction articles about our favorite authors and artists, as well as obscure fairy tales, and much more!

Yearly subscribers will also receive the exclusive serialized novel, Glass and Feathers by Lissa Sloan, (about what Cinderella discovers after the Happily Ever After) delivered directly to your email inbox starting in January.

Subscriptions are $12.00 from Jan. 1 through Jan. 8 -- $16.00 thereafter.

The Fairy Godparents Club includes the digital subscription to the magazine, and access to Lissa Sloan’s serialized novel, Glass and Feathers. along with other awesome benefits that include access to nine monthly Zoom meetings where the editors of The Fairy Tale Magazine will be sharing insider writing tips, our favorite books, live guest writer interviews, fairy tale swag giveaways, and special fairy tale meditations just for members. Subscribers to this level will also receive extra stories, poems and art, plus access to members-only chats.

Subscriptions to The Fairy Godparents Club is a flat $65.00 for the year.

Amanda did a beautiful job on these certificates as usual, so they’ll look lovely printed out!

And don't forget that submissions are also currently open for 2023's March and June digital issues. Details here.

Yours in Enchantment,

Kate Wolford

Image: Little Fox's Gift, Amanda Bergloff



Wishing you all an enchanted holiday season!


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