Hopefully, you’ll easily find what you need on EC, but it’s an old site, so it might help to have some questions answered here.

Is Enchanted Conversation a children’s publication?

No. However, readership demographics suggest that there are a lot of readers from middle school on up. So material you find here will reflect the fact that young people read EC. In other words, I keep it clean.

How do you decide who gets published in EC?

I base most of my choices on what I like. But other considerations do come into play. If I receive a submission that is very much like one I’ve published recently, I’ll probably not use it, even if I like it.

Also, excessive detail won’t help your chances. What do I mean by that? Example: In a 2,000 word story, 500 words are expended discussing the topography of the fairy tale land you set your story in. I’m not interested in a Game of Thrones retread.

Other things I’m not interested in: Stories that try so hard to make the heroine “feisty” that she becomes a tedious, rude bore. Tense situations that need only a short conversation to be resolved. Not sticking ending.

What do I mean by not sticking the ending? I can’t tell you how many stories I get that are great until the last paragraph. Then, boom! It’s like the authors don’t know how to finish, so they race through a list of loose ends that they try to tie up. Think about the ending before submitting.

Is EC ever in actual print?

No. It’s a web publication, period. Although a Best of EC may come out in book form down the road.

Can I use EC to teach a class?

Sure, but let know first. I would like to help.

Why do you use Blogger as a publishing platform? It’s terrible.

Blogger is the pits. But over the years, many people with good coding skills and a high degree of expertise in website design have failed to transfer EC to another platform. Even attempts at starting a new site and using this one as an archive have utterly failed. It’s like I just have to use Blogger. It’s a burden.

Sometimes one story has a different font than others, what’s up with that?

Again, this is a very old site that has been through many iterations and has changed hands back and forth. It’s impossible to get everything uniform. 

The site is now optimized for mobile and tablet views. Desktop is not as well optimized now. But most people view off of desktops—and on phones and tablets.

Why aren’t you accepting poems and art for submission in 2020?

Because I can’t afford to.

Image by Kay Nielsen.